Aldair Queiroz

Aldair Queiroz ~ President


Travis Goad ~ Executive Director

Travis, a Radio Frequency Engineer for the Network Operations team at Verizon Wireless Services, enjoys a foundation of a long term communications background of 23 years. Travis Studied Electronic Communication at Crowder College, Neosho, MO, A.S. via Western International University as well as proprietary schools for computer language, wireless and optical transmission. In his time with this industry, Travis has project led the implementation and growth from a mobile radio technology with AT&T to the first VOLTE (VOIP, voice over internet protocol) communication in the Joplin area for Verizon Wireless. Travis has been deployed for various reasons, disaster, special events, and other elements. One element of which he holds close, is his work to create temporary communication for the Military at the Staten Island, and also for all at ground zero in Manhattan, NY immediately following the 9/11 attack.
Travis is a family man, with five amazing children. He enjoyed coaching fast pitch softball on multiple levels and has been an avid fisherman - of fish and of men! Referring to himself as a "river rat", he enjoys camping and traveling. Praying for and loving on people where they are, is most important to him. He has been a part of leading two teams into the Manaus, Brazil area, hosting people from other nations, working with orphanages in Uganda, Travis has a huge heart to encourage and partner with people who are looking to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jason Betts

Jason Betts ~ Board Member

Jason is a Registered Nurse/Paramedic who has a keen ability to remain calm in the most difficult situations. He has an Associates Degree in Paramedicine and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). His gift of remaining calm cool and collected in times of distress has allowed him to be successful as a flight medic and as an Emergency Trauma Nurse who has worked in some of the largest Emergency rooms across the United States, such as Children’s Mercy in Washington DC and Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX where President Kennedy was treated for his fatal injury. Jason’s jovial sense of humor is enjoyed by family, friends,and colleagues as he brings entertainment to everyday life, but his biggest strength is the time he invests in helping people learn. Nurses across the nation can attest to his willingness to share and teach. Jason has branched out in his career and currently resides in Manaus, Brazil and works full-time on the missions field with Passion and Compassion Ministries. Jason believes in the restoration of minds, bodies and souls. He is a certified trainer in Community Health Evangelism and works with people all over the world bringing resources, education, and showing the love of God to despairing areas in the Amazonas region.

Chris Hendricks ~ Board Member

Chris is the Engineering Manager for American Ramp Company and Atlas Safe Rooms where he brings over 20 years of design and engineering experience to the Action Sports industry and to the design of Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms. In his 11 years at American Ramp Company, Chris has overseen the engineering of thousands of Skate Parks that have been built around the world. When not working at the office, Chris is an avid cyclist, where he rides approximately 150 miles each week, and participates regularly in charity bike rides to benefit various causes. In addition to cycling, Chris spends a great deal of time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, or on his farm where he and his wife maintain their livestock and their garden. Chris and his family have sought to live a self-sustaining lifestyle where they grow or raise about 75% of their food themselves, seeking to be closer to the land that God has provided them and to get back to a more simplistic way of life.